Atmotube 1.0 works in 1 second mode, which means the device takes air readings every second and sends them to your smartphone.

Atmotube 2.0 version takes readings every 10 seconds and has significantly longer battery life.

Atmotube Plus - is an enhanced version of the Atmotube 2.0, which features VOCs sensors with self-calibration, longer battery life, Increased antenna performance, built-in weather station and improved portability.

Amotube PRO has the same VOC sensor like Atmotube Plus inside but is also equipped with a PM (particulate matter) sensor that can detect PM1, PM2.5, and PM10 - the most dangerous particles. They are produced as a result of all types of combustion, crushing/grinding, and also because of dust that rises from vehicles, power plants, residential wood burning, wildfires, agricultural burning, and some industrial processes. Atmotube PRO is good to show in action outdoors.

Atmotube PRO works for up to 1 week on a single charge.