Atmotube is ON
When you press the button - the LED color represents the current Air Quality Score.

  • Red — severely polluted
  • Orange — very polluted
  • Yellow — polluted
  • Green — moderate
  • Blue — good

Atmotube is OFF
When you shortly press the button - the Atmotube blinks Green several times. That means Atmotube is OFF (in sleep mode). To turn ON the device - press the button for 5-7 seconds till Blue LED colour.

Charging (USB cable is connected)

  • Orange - Atmotube is charging
  • Green - Atmotube is charged

When Atmotube is fully charged (takes ~1.5 h) - you will see Green LED. Then charging will be off automatically to save battery life. So after some time you will see Orange colour again.

Atmotube is flashing White.
That means some error occurred. Press button for 10 seconds to reboot the device. If you still have problem - contact support team.